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Title: D201a neutralization question.
Post by: KK4MSA on July 10, 2019, 11:27:37 PM
Have a 201a tram here, replaced the electrolytics and high wattage resistors in. Also had to replace the final tube, and I'm following the manual to neutralize and adjusted for -40dc in am and lsb, then it says to retune t700 for maximum dc indication, t700 makes no difference in the -dc at all on the meter, I also have no meter reading in the set/cal position for adjusting the null, it does show rx fine so movement is working, could these 2 issues be related possibly? Is there another way to nutrilize?
Also noteworthy, when meter is hooked to the junction for -dc measurement on the terminal strip, as soon as ac line cord is attached to radio it climbs to about -100ma of -dc.
So have you had any experience with like problem? If so any help is appreciated.