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Title: Wimpy TS-520 Cooling Fan
Post by: KI5GKD on November 18, 2019, 10:01:53 PM
I just got a new (to me) TS-520 on Saturday and after watching some of Buddy's videos I got it up and running.  But, is it just me or is the cooling fan about the wimpiest fan on record?  When I first got it I could watch the blades turn and after disassembling it and lubing the bearings (bushings) with Mobil 1 motor oil it runs faster but there is still virtually no airflow.  I have bought a 3.5" 120VAC muffin fan off fleabay and I hope this will run off of the 100VAC running to the stock fan.  Kind of an odd voltage to be sending to a fan IMHO.  If it doesn't run correctly I'll find a switched 120V source in the radio to send over to it.

Is this a common issue or am I over reacting?  I made a few contacts on Sunday and was told it sounded very good but as the day wore on the meter was acting screwy when I tried to touch up the tuning after changing bands.  That's when I noticed the fan poking along and I have not tried operating again after oiling the fan.
Title: Re: Wimpy TS-520 Cooling Fan
Post by: KI5GKD on November 20, 2019, 04:52:50 PM
I found a 120V 3.5" muffin fan that I made fit and although I can hear it running (not that big of a deal) it really moves the air!  I would be able to hear the fan and have good airflow over the finals than to run them hot.  It seems the fan is plenty happy with the reduced voltage of 100V.