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Ark of Hope

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Now this is the first I\'ve heard of this...

Someone mentioned this would go into a new temple and represent all peoples of the earth...hence the name, "ark of hope"

Here\'s the link;


Somebody hasn\'t been paying attention.
We had a thread about this awhile back.

Or maybe that was when your boat anchor bit the dust!!!!!!!

Yeah, I don\'t remember that.


Looks like Gorbie is involved in this too...


Quote from the link you provided:
(emphasis mine)

--- Quote ---The New American Insider Report of January 23, 1995  4 writes that the historic Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John the Divine "has long been a center of New Age and radical-left \'enlightenment\' and high-brow Establishment \'culture\'." Author Gary Kah reports, in his well-documented book The New World Religion, that the Cathedral of St. John the Divine displays "a female Christ on the cross, complete with shapely hips and full breasts."
--- End quote ---

I\'ve never heard of this display before.


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