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Meteor or parts of the Sat???



I think its just part of the blown up Sat!!!   :ufo:

Thats interesting

I wonder what was left on the ground?

Has to be something left.
The news says it was a meteor

Here\'s the rest of the story of Sputnik I, mankind\'s first artificial satellite:

Were there nefarious characters in the Air Force that worked with KDAY radio to plan a ruse to acquire the remains of Sputnik?  Can you trust a beatnik?  Ask Maynard G. Krebs or Gerald Lloyd Kookson, III if beatniks are on the level.  You may not understand their answer.  Forever an unknown, like the Kennedy Assasination, Mary Jo Kopechne’s death and the Sam Sheppard incident of the one-armed man.  Who knows what evil lurks?  But we have the remains of Sputnik as evidence.  Truth is stranger than fiction!  :eyepop:


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