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Wanted, 50-60 hp farm tractor.


Anywhere in NC or VA.  Looking for a solid, dependable farm tractor.  Brand not important, but looking for something in the 50 to 60 horsepower range.  If anyone has any leads, please let me know here, via a post or a pm.   Thanx guys.  I will be purchasing one in January.     I appreciate the help.  Crazy

Didn\'t mean to leave this open.  I bought a  Massey Ferguson 285,  about 90 HP.

The owner covered up a  lot of problems.  I almost have everything fixed now,   but it has taken a lot of time and money to repair the old problems he masked.

A true lemon, I got burned pretty bad.   But considering the price I paid for it,   in the  long run I\'ll be A-OK, I hope.

Thanx,  CrAzY


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