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Hi hope somebody can help I bought a yaesu monitor scope yl100 mains lead was missing so opened up today and looks like transformer has been replaced and unfinished as I now have two connector blocks the largest has wires from crt and the small one has two orange and white cables in I think this was done as transformer does not supply the these voltages I may be wrong were do I start any advice please regards graham

The Radio Shop:
Hi Graham. I will pull the schematic tomorrow and look it over . Should be fairly easy to wire it back up.  Although I will say that most of the time something takes out the transformer. I would start checking all the caps on the secondary side of it.

Many thanks for your help can you tell me the two orange and white wires that originally went on old transformer what voltage are these I know the three blue are 6.3 volt I think the orange and white are 30volt I might be wrong and you were right two cappacitors are gone 600v ones I would say someone could not get a transformer with right voltages so have done this so they need a seperate supply as they fitted two power sockets at back off unit to supply 6.3volt for crt and what ever the orange and white feed is regards graham

This is what it's like the other side of the board mains lead cut and block added also one side of switch cut

The Radio Shop:
Thanks for those pictures. That helps. I have been extremely busy the past two days. I am off tomorrow and will see if I can get into the schematic for you.


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