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Galaxy 48T problems


Hey guys i have a 48T in the shop that is really giving me a headache.... It was brought in the shop with a complaint of no tx, well in put it on the bench and everything was working fine and then it started tx would drop out then come back and the longer i messed with it the worse it would get,, so i flexed the board and checked solder joints and nothing so i set it flat on the bench with component side up and keyed the mic,, nothing,, i touched the frame by mistake and it keyed up let the frame go and it unkeyed so i touched the frame again and it keyed up so yeah the headache started.... when it does key up the radio works flawlessly....... any help with this would be greatly apreciated......



Hi Dean, I feel foolish just now seeing your post. my computer signed me out and I did not notice that. well not really the computer. I cleaned out all my old cookies and it took me off line.
have you checked to make sure none of the parts are touching or shorted at the mic plug. years ago I had a galaxy do this with the side mic and the board on the mic plug shorted to D77 and it would act this way also.not sure about the 48T radio since I have never even seen one of them. not sure how the plug lays out in this radio.


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