Author Topic: Yaesu FT-920 has two issues  (Read 931 times)

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Yaesu FT-920 has two issues
« on: June 18, 2018, 10:03:04 PM »
I recently traded for the Yaesu FT-920 pretty much figured it would have issues as some older rigs do. The Rig came from an outstanding ham, he has taken excellent care of the rig and appearance it's a 9 out of 10. That said it does come to me with 2 problems that are basically well over my pay grade.

1. the auto tuner is flaky, it does come on and tries to tune but doesn't tune down the swr well on an antenna or band that's well about 2 on desired frequency before being tuned. Best the thing well do is rattle a few seconds and pretty much settle on an SWR that's higher than it was when it started. It does the same thing on a dummy load...

2. This is annoying more than anything but it leads me to suspect this could lead to troubles down the road. When Keying the Mike and speaking, it feeds back into the speaker. NO THE STATION MONITOR IS TURNED OFF before someone suggests it's on. It's off, I repeat it's OFF. You can hear very clear difference when the monitor is on. It's clear and can be controlled by its controls.

It feeds back through the internal speaker but isn't nearly as noticeable on the internal speaker.  It feeds back on the head headphones. It also feeds back to an external speaker which is the SP-8. Someone suggested it was the mike, well I have changed the microphone to 4 different mikes, next it was the external speaker cable but yea I Changed it for giggles and nope it didn't solve the problem. Also suggested a grounding issue, well the rig does it grounded or not. So I suspect it's something internal. The feedback sounds like the montior is on but a very low volume and has some static present in the audio and it is some what distroted. It's low but loud enough to drive one batty!

That's where I am not sure what to check or where to check! Advice?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I know when something is over my head and will not cause damages. That said, I thought it might be something simple some of you guys had seen before, maybe a loose cable, a bad cap, diode or something simple that would be an easy fix before I send this rig out for repair. I can live with the auto tuner problem as I normally use a manual tuner when needed. But this speaker thing is annoying as the day is long!