Author Topic: ICOM IC-7800 blown PA and other maybe power surge damage / repair notes  (Read 564 times)

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Got an older IC-7800 that has a blown PA to the tune that it needs a complete replacement board. It burnt the PCB crisp so the parts easily move on one side. It blew the 48V traces off the board, ugh. Seems to me I've seen a thread like that before a few years ago, or maybe I am day dreaming again. I am hoping that ICOM is still making this PA.

Other than that the unit does not power up, no stby light nothing. Some repair shop I don't want to name here in CDN had opened it and did some damage to the Ant. SW unit. I do remember that ICOM had problems with the early version PSU's. So I am hoping that the problem is due to the 48V being shorted (because of the PA) or the 15V rail or the -12V rail dead, anyway... something along these lines...

I am not really a stranger to big radios like that, but fixing this is gonna be $$$ and slow. Maybe call it my summer / fall project.