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« on: February 02, 2020, 10:30:44 AM »
I have a Hallicrafters SR 400 in need of some TLC. It has been on my 'most wanted' list a long time so when I found one with ps on QTH at a good price, I snatched it. According to the seller, the rig was in good condition and working but the switch was bad and had to be turned on/off using the power cord. Photos showed a powered up rig that was clean inside and out. The ad was placed in april 2018. I sent the seller an email inquiring as to its availability and it was. I got both for $300 with shipping.

Once I got them home on the bench, I slowly powered them up on a dim bulb and variac, all good. There was no audio and the switch was working. So some things had happened to the rig between  2018 and when I got them in Oct 2019. First I replaced the 2 line power cord that was cracked and frayed from old age on the PS with a new 3 line modern cord then started working on the sound problem. Rig worked fine for several days then died overnight. The only problem I can find is the primary windings are shorted.  Since I dont have another PS, the rig has been left untouched. I have aquired another PS now and would like for someone with more knowledge on rig repair to get the radio back in working condition to use with the new PS. If possible I hope Buddy will undertake the repairs and do a video on it. It would be something I'd cherish for the rest of my short life. This is one rig I want to work as it should and not subject to my lack of abilites. I would appreciate any help.