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Anderson Hamfest
« on: October 18, 2008, 10:03:01 PM »
I realize it is pretty far away from Rock Hill, but I enjoy driving to the various hamfests to see how they "work" especially in this day of high gas prices and mature audiences. We just had our Hamfest in Rock Hill and we were hammered by lack of gas availability, high prices and instability of the housing and banking system. We had half as many attendees as last year, but still sold over 200 tickets. Our vendors didn\'t do very well but did well enough to say they would be back next year.

Well back to the Anderson Hamfest. This is touted as the most "relaxed" hamfest and this is really the case. It was free to get in and to tailgate. The auction was fun although I didn\'t buy anything. There were about 6 or 7 tailgaters, Lakeview and the Wireman rounded out the dealers. The hot dog/burger stand was OK, but very basic. I understand it was a vendor and the club didn\'t get any proceeds. Oh, ya, there was the funnel cake vendor as well. I put in my $10 into the drawings for the gift certificates to help out the club raise their funds.

From what I saw, it was very successful in that it was relaxing, good friends were able to meet up and ragchew, the weather was a little cool but really comfortable. The setting was very beautiful and was worth the drive. And gas was around $2.69 a gallon. They have got us feeling that this is real CHEAP! That is subject for another discussion...